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NSC Elite Monoflap Dressage



Sizes:  16.5″, 17″, 17.5″, 18″; M, MW, W
Colours: Black or Sala (Brown)
Leather: Buffalo (standard), Smooth Hide or Calf
Girthing: Long
Blocks: A, B, C (largest to smallest)
Wooden laminated spring tree.
100% best wool flocking
Shorter flap model for smaller/petite riders also available


  • Monoflap design for the closest contact and communication with your horse.
  • Seat and twist anatomically shaped to provide comfort for riders preferring a narrower feel.
  • Semi deep seat to provide support without a ‘trapped’ feeling
  • External knee roll available in A, B or C block to align with your body shape and riding position, and offer support without dictating position
  • Variations in the tree and panel design make this saddle a good choice for most horses, allowing them the freedom to express their paces
  • Available in best quality, hard-wearing, buffalo hide giving the softest, drapiest, pre-worn-in feeling, or choose finest calf for a soft, grippy feeling that instantly feels like home.


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