Q: What constitutes an average medium fit?
My horse looks quite normal – not wide, not narrow – I’ve sent for trial saddles but they are not working. WHY?

A. There is no such thing as average!

The other night I watched a television programme from the UK which told us that the average English woman is 5’ 4” and weighs 11stone 3lbs – it went on to give average bust, waist and hip measurements. They then started a process of selection to find Miss/Mrs. Average. Amongst the hundreds of women present at this event, they found some of the height, fewer of the height and weight and when the spec. narrowed, none at all.

It is the same with the horse and this makes saddle fitting and manufacture a bit of a nightmare.

In the bracket of “normal” or “average”, there are a huge number of variables. It is for this reason that we choose to have our saddles hand made in England and don’t sell some of the very nice looking, highly marketed larger continental or world brands who manufacture everything to a “norm”.- the vast majority of horses don’t conform to “the norm”.