Terms of Trade


1/ Statutory Rights –

These terms & conditions do not affect a customer’s statutory rights.


2/ Customers Declaration –

It is the customer’s responsibility to declare to the saddle fitter any pre-existing or current issues whatsoever with the horse and rider that may affect the saddle fitting. NSC – The English Saddle Co welcomes input from other professional advisors such as trainers, veterinary surgeons, farriers or equine physiotherapists and the saddle fitter requests they should be at the fitting if their opinion is required. The horse must be sound enough to carry a saddle and be ridden. The customer shall be responsible for giving the saddle fitter a full brief on the intended use of the saddle for which rider and on what horse. The saddle fitter shall record details of the horse & rider and the saddle fitting. The customer will be asked to sign these records as a true and fair reflection of the circumstances on the day of fitting.


3/ Saddle Fitting –

When the customer chooses to purchase a saddle unfitted the responsibility for the saddle being fit for the purpose intended shall be the customer’s responsibility except in cases of valid manufacturer’s warranty. We do not recommend purchasing a saddle unfitted and as such will not generally provide saddles without an NSC – The English Saddle Co fitting, unless for sale saddles.

When you request a saddle to be fitted either by an NSC – The English Saddle Co Saddler Fitter or one of the NSC – The English Saddle Co Approved Saddle Fitters this will be carried out to the standards of the Master Saddlers of Great Britain. Please note that the Approved Saddle Fitters are not employed by NSC and will charge you a fee for traveling to your premises assessing the saddle needs of your horse & rider and for fitting a saddle which is the property of NSC – The English Saddle Co.

NSC – The English Saddle Co does not accept any responsibility for advice given to you by such a saddle fitter on riding equipment which is not the property of NSC – The English Saddle Co. NSC- The English Saddle Co will not accept any warranties made by such a saddle fitter on NSC – The English Saddle Co supplied goods unless they are expressly documented in these Terms & Conditions or they are noted on the fitting records and subsequently confirmed on the NSC – The English Saddle Co invoice.

Please read in conjunction with New Saddle Awareness Information.

Safety Feature: The standard stirrup bar is commonly known as the “safety bar” – it is supposed to allow the stirrup leather to detach from the saddle in the event of a fall where the rider could be dragged. NSC – The English Saddle Co feel that this is no longer a reliable safety feature – the stirrup bars are often so deeply recessed that putting on and removing leathers is difficult.  As such NSC – The English Saddle Co recommend that all saddles be ridden with safety stirrups and strongly recommend that the customer purchases safety stirrups if the e bar or hook bar version is chosen. Both the e bar and the hook bar are not designed to allow the stirrup leather to be pulled off either accidentally (another considerable hazard) or in the event of a fall. We further recommend the use of KAN Body Protectors and Hit-Air air vests when riding, see: www.katelambie.co.nz.


4/ Ongoing Saddle Fitting –

The degree and frequency of work given to the horse fitted and any change in its condition or maturity may have a significant effect on the fit of the saddle. It is the customers responsibility to monitor these circumstances and contact an NSC – The English Saddle Co employed or approved saddle fitter to check and re-check the fit of the saddle as soon as changes occur and in any event every 6 months.

Please note that using the saddle on different horses or being ridden in by different riders to those presented at the fitting may compromise the fit of the saddle.


5/ Saddle Care Instructions –

Before using your new saddle, we recommend a light application of leather dressing. This will protect the leather from scuffing or rain spotting.

Should your saddle get wet never dry by direct heat or leave in the sunshine. Allow to dry out naturally in a dry cool room.

The secret of new leather is to allow it to age slowly in order to preserve its mellow character and suppleness. Do not try to hasten the ageing process with oils but have patience. In our opinion leather dressing rather than oil is still the best way of achieving this. It should be applied with as dry a cloth as is practicable after the leather has been wiped clean of sweat mud grease etc. with a damp cloth which should be frequently rinsed. This routine is definitely the best method for treating saddlery and bridlework. Do not use excessive oils. Leather can be killed with kindness as well as neglect and the fibres in the leather will be destroyed by too much oil and hence the leather weakened.

Certain cleaners should be avoided especially those that are alcohol based. See Manufacturers’ Recommendations. We sell and recommend Pot of Courage Leather Dressing, see Accessories page of our website for more information & pricing.


6/ Payment Terms –

All products must be paid for in full before receiving your goods either by EFTPOS, cash or cheque made out to the NSC – The English Saddle Co or by direct transfer to NSC – The English Saddle Co bank account ASB Bank 12-3442-0017292-00. In the event of nonpayment, any additional costs incurred to collect overdue accounts will be added to the total amount owed.


7/ Sale Conditions –

Products that are reduced in a ‘ Sale ‘ by NSC – The English Saddle Co are sold as seen and as is, are not refundable, are covered only by the manufacturers tree warranty on the invoice at the time of purchase, and do not have a guaranteed trade-in option.

Please note sale prices apply to saddles in stock.  While stocks last. 


 8/ Saddle Manufacturer’s Warranty –

The tree of the saddle is warranted for 5 years for the NSC – The English Saddle Co branded saddles, manufactured under license in England. Please note, warranties only apply to the first purchaser.

The leather and components on all new saddles are warranted for one year from the date of purchase against defective workmanship and materials. In all cases these terms are subject to normal usage & conditions and normal wear & tear.

Please note however that leather is a natural product and therefore there is likely to be some degree of colour variation on arrival, as well colour loss during the initial use of the saddle. The severity of the U.V on materials in New Zealand is well documented. Every effort has been taken with our experience and research to provide the most colourfast leathers suitable for our climate. However, all leathers will show some degree of fading with time and in particular Buffalo leather which is favoured by riders because of its comfort and feel. This is normal and should not be considered a defect and we cannot give any guarantees in this respect. This does not affect the integrity of the saddle or the leather.

Responsibility will not be taken for damage or defect caused by improper storage misuse neglect or accident.

All repairs or adjustments must be done by an NSC – The English Saddle Co approved representative or our warranty will be voided.

All warranties are based with the original purchaser only. Freight costs to or from NSC – The English Saddle Co are not included

Safety Note: It is important to check both e bar hangers and girth billets (straps) for any sign of wear. Please do this regularly and arrange any repairs needed immediately for your own safety.

9/ Warranty Claim Procedure –

It is the customer’s responsibility to advise NSC in writing and return the product to NSC 164a Awahuri-Feilding Road, RD5, Feilding 4775 or other address supplied by NSC – The English Saddle Co immediately any claim under warranty becomes apparent. NSC – The English Saddle Co will have the alleged defect assessed by independent experts in New Zealand. This opinion shall not constitute an acceptance of a valid warranty claim by the manufacturer but rather independent ratification that it is worthwhile sending the product back to the manufacturer overseas.


10/ Disputes Procedure –

The construction, performance and validity of these terms & conditions shall be governed by the Laws of New Zealand. Leather quality shall be evaluated by the Leather & Shoe Research Association NZ, and their decision shall be accepted as final. Metal quality shall be evaluated by Metal Test Ltd of Auckland. Their decision shall be accepted as final.

In the event that there is no independent expert saddle fitting body approved by Government training standards in New Zealand the technical aspects of any dispute shall be referred to and adjudicated by The Masters Saddlers of Great Britain.

Both parties shall be obliged to participate in a Mediation (Dispute Resolution) run by professional mediators to standards approved by the Law Society in New Zealand. In the event that the parties are unable to agree a resolution at mediation then the dispute may take its course through the New Zealand legal system.


11/ Interpretation –

Clause and other headings are for ease of reference only and shall not be deemed to form any part of the context or to affect the interpretation of this agreement. Words importing the singular number shall include the plural and vice versa.

The term NSC shall mean the NSC – The English Saddle Co. Words importing one gender shall include the other genders. Written communication shall include letter, and fax and e-mail provided a signed copy is sent in the post to the customers address on the saddle fitting record or to the NSC registered address as appropriate.