Our Passion

We are passionate about designing beautiful English saddles for you and your horse, so that you can enjoy your precious riding time to the fullest, whether for you that is rides on the beach, chasing your Olympic dreams, or anything in between.

Our saddles don’t only allow you to perform to the highest level – you can also choose from a range of designs to really express yourself – whether you are a real traditionalist or all about the bling!

We work with a New Zealand-wide team of dedicated experts who are on hand to work with you to find your perfect fit, and a talented and highly experienced team of master craftsmen in England who craft each beautifully finished saddle to our own New Zealand market-specific designs.

Our History

NSC – The English Saddle Co was formed in 2017 by the merger of two of the biggest English saddle specialists in New Zealand: National Saddle Centre NZ (NSC) and The English Saddle Company Ltd. 

The National Saddle Centre and its mobile saddle fitting concept was started in the UK in 1992 by Josephine Dancy and was based on her previous ten years’ experience in a retail saddlery shop. This was an enormous learning curve and included much trial and error with different saddle manufacturers, and their methods, both in the UK and in Europe.

NSC (still with Josephine at the helm) arrived in NZ in 2002 and quickly became New Zealand’s largest and most trusted mobile saddle fitting service.

The English Saddle Company (ESC), was formed in 2010 by Catherine Baxter, with the aim of bringing a wider choice of high quality, affordable, hand-made English leather saddles to New Zealand.

It was a need to source saddles for the now-common wider and difficult to fit horses that saw Catherine launch The English Saddle Co in order to cater for the increasing popularity of the broad, barrel-shaped horse with no wither, large shoulders, high in the hindquarters and with flat backs which are now taking their place alongside the ever-popular Thoroughbreds and lighter types. These horses need particular styles of saddles if they are to be ridden without causing repetitive soreness and injury.

Our Customers

NSC – The English Saddle Co’s customers include those at every level from International and Olympic riders to absolute beginners – and every kind of equine breed, shape and measure of fitness imaginable. All receive the same high level of advice and service and receive unbiased advice on all brands of saddle.

We learn something from every one of our customers. Over the years our detailed records of saddle fittings (including assessments of the horse, drawings of the back, photos and videos) have grown to number into the thousands, and have provided both an enormous reference resource for us, and a tremendous teaching aid for future saddle fitters.

Our Saddle Fitters

With an ever-expanding team of saddle fitters around the country (currently in nine locations and including both a Society of Master Saddlers (SMS) Master Saddler, fully qualified SMS Registered Qualified Saddle Fitters, and saddle fitters working towards their SMS qualifications) and a wide range of saddle styles and fits, NSC – The English Saddle Co is your first choice to find your best saddle solution.